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On May 21 and 22, 1984, professors in the fields of languages, literature and linguistics gathered in room 104 of the FUNCEP in Brasilia to found ANPOLL, the National Association for Graduate Studies and Research in Languages, Literature and Linguistics. In 2014, ANPOLL thus commemorates 30 years of representing graduate programs in languages, literature and linguistics.mapa_brasil

There are currently 121 programs affiliated with ANPOLL. At the core of the association’s intellectual and academic activity is the work of the thematic WGs (working groups). There are presently forty-four active WGs.

ANPOLL has organized 28 national meetings to date. These are planned according to the following schedule: meetings occurring in odd-numbered years focus on the politics of graduate studies in Brazil, taking advantage of the gathering of graduate program directors and working groups; while meetings occurring in even-numbered years are devoted to the debates and activities of the working groups, some of which are of a political nature.
ANPOLL’s board of directors has a mandate of two years. It is elected on the basis of a management program that is submitted to the Association’s Assembly.

ANPOLL’s primary mission is to provide political representation for graduate programs in languages, literature and linguistics.